[Soekris] Problem with wireless link

Bill Church bill.church at bsius.com
Thu Dec 11 19:11:55 UTC 2003

Check for wireless interference like cordless phones and baby monitors. Try
channels 1 and 11 and see if there is a difference.

Some cordless phones hop all around the place, the best solution for them is
the trash can. I have a neighbor who's phone kept walking all over my
network. The solution was more power, but that's not really a solutions as
much as it is a band-aid.


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Quoting Sasa Vender (sasavi at yahoo.com):
> I have soekris net4521, put wirelesss pcmcia card with Intersil Prism
> 2.5 chipset , RH9,  Jouni Malinen's hostAp drivers, and built an
> Access Point.
> But I have very unstable link , sometimes it's very good and sometimes
> is poor, i lose lots of packets.
> Did anyone had any experience with that?
> Should I just get stronger antenna, or could it be something else?

Yes.  It could be any of these.

In the same room you have problems?  Is there enough power?
or are there walls between?  Floors?  (miles?)

I use Kismet or Stumbler to seek out signal strength.
First bit of radio debugging.

If you've got solid radio signal, and a ping flood (fping or ping -f) of a
couple hundred packets works out, then you've eliminated that.
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