[Soekris] (no subject)

stephen.g.foster@att.net stephen.g.foster at att.net
Tue Dec 9 15:07:57 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I'm looking for a PCI card with most of the attributes of the 4801 (2 network
ports, 2 serial ports,  but I'm a little unsure of the 4801 capabilities (even
after reading the specs page unfortunately).

I need the card to share the PCI bus on an Intel 875P spec board with a 2.6G
P4 and have read-only access to all of the disks in the PC (I figure I can
just mount read-only in linux) and other I2C information (if possible).

Are there any (Soekris or other) cards currently better suited for this kind
of access or will there be shortly?

Basically I need something I can plug into the PCI slot of the Intel D875PBZLK
or the Shuttle SB62G2 (or something similar) and go.

I'm just beginning in embedded systems so if there is any information you can
provide with regards to a solid hardware/software/patch/bios/firmware matrix I
would greatly appreciate it. 



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