[Soekris] Re: net4511 hairloss over bulkhead connectors

Michael Sierchio kudzu at tenebras.com
Sun Dec 7 16:15:31 UTC 2003

Jamie Thompson wrote:
> Michael Sierchio is looking to keep his hair and find a RP-MMCX to RP-TNC cable.  He writes:

> Here is the list of custom pigtail sources I generally point people to on the net:
> http://www.onlinecables.com/
> http://www.teletronics.com/tii/products/cables.html
> http://www.allrfcables.com/ca.htm
> www.hyperlinktech.com
> http://www.iw-microwave.com/
> Vile, Shameless Commercial Plug:  We now have 1.5m ($18) and a 3.0m ($21) RP-TNC to N male cable assemblies on our website designed to attach to our U.FL (6" or new 16") or MMCX (11" in stock, 16" by EOY) to RP-TNC 2 hole bulkhead mount pigtails  at  www.netgate.com/product_pigtails.html 

I'm looking for a plug -- with a cable attached ;-)  WTF is the difference
between a RP-MMCX and a MMCX???!??!?!!?  RP in my lexicon stands for
reverse polarity, but it's a since conductor from the card, ne?

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