[Soekris] Re: Dead net4521

Pablo Di Noto pdinoto at mac.com
Thu Dec 4 02:21:16 UTC 2003

Thanks to all the private answers.
I answer myself just to leave a record on the list.

Now it works.
It was a power issue.

> Since these units are the first we use, I'm not even sure they are 
> powered up and running. With the 5V, 2A DC power supply we use to feed 
> via the DC jack the board get the green (D17) and red (D16) leds on steady.

Ok, so now I learned that:

D17 on net4521 is power, as D10 is on net4501 and
D16 is error, as D3 on net4501.

The 5V stated on the product page are on the board connector, JP9.
On the jack the 11-56V specs apply.

Gracias a todos!
(Thanks everybody!)

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