[Soekris] FreeBSD 4.X on net4801

Michael Sierchio kudzu at tenebras.com
Sat Aug 30 22:57:02 UTC 2003

Martha Zimet wrote:
> I am trying to bring the net4801 up on FreeBSD 4.7 and have run into the 
> the following boot error: 

So, just out of curiosity, why are you fiddling with 4.7?  4.9-RELEASE is
imminent, which will leave 4.7 w/o support for security fixes.

>     Timecounter "i8254"  frequency 1193182 Hz
>     Timecounter "TSC"  frequency 266649061 Hz
>     CPU: Pentium (Unknown-class CPU)
>        Origin = "Geode by NSC"  Id = 0x540
>     panic: CPU class not configured
> ...
> I am sure my kernel configuration file is correct. 

I am sure your kernel configuration file is broken. ;-)  It's missing

cpu	I586_CPU

Been there, done that.

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