[Soekris] WDA & repeater.

Martin Jessa soekris at yazzy.org
Thu Aug 28 21:51:25 UTC 2003

Hi guys.

I am trying to set up my soekris boards to work as traffic forwarders for other soerkis boards. I have some problems though.
What's the difference between a wireless repeater and wireless distribution system - WDA?
I have a 3 boards with 2 wlan nics each.
I want the first one to talk to the second one which will "forward" traffic to the last one using one of it's cards and act as an AP using the second card.
The last board will work in the same way. The 1.st nic will accept traffic from the 2.nd board and use it's 2.nd nic as an AP

LAN --- Board1 nic1 --- nic1 Board2 nic2 (AP mode) ------ clients
	  nic2   	 |
	  |   		 |
       	  |	         |
       clients 		nic1
			nic2 (AP mode) ----- clients

Is it possible to set up either WDA or a wireless repeater on *BSD or Linux?

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