[Soekris] Net 4801 Debian install

Kourosh Ghassemieh soekris at mindwaresystems.com
Thu Aug 21 22:54:53 UTC 2003

Hi all,

So far I've gotten the net4801 to boot via PXE and
from the CF card (256MB Sandisk) using Mike Machado's
instructions, but not entirely successfully.  Both
times the system starts to load the kernel but it
hangs when probing pci.  I suppose I'm running into
the problem mentioned earlier.  

As this is my first go at trying to set up such a 
compact system.  Could someone point me to some good 
docs on how to set up Linux, preferably Debian but 
others are OK, to boot via pxe and CF and how to set up
their root via NFS.  I'm not sure how Mike came up
with all the config settings for the pxe boot so
links to how-to's and manuals appreciated.

I was thinking of doing an install on a spare HD and
copying it to CF after recompiling a new kernel, but
I would also like to get it booting via pxe.

I'll try the 'BSDs later as I'm not yet familiar with 
them and have to play around before I can try setting
them up on the net4801.

Thanks for help.
Kourosh Ghassemieh <soekris at mindwaresystems.com>

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