[Soekris] Compatibiliti list

Michael Sierchio kudzu at tenebras.com
Wed Aug 20 21:47:32 UTC 2003

Anders S. Jensen wrote:

> How about compiling a small hardware compatibility list?
> If we write to this list with the subject: ``Hardware compatibility list''
> then I'd be happy to HTML'ifice it from time to time and send
> it to Søren so he could put it on the web site. (If he thinks it's
> a path to go obviously).
> We could make the job easy for the person to assemble the
> list by agreeing on a format to post hardware findings.
> Let me demonstrate it with a first contribution:
> VENDOR   : SanDisk
> DEVICE   : 128 Mb Compact Flash card
> MODEL    : SDCFB-128-485
> TESTED ON: Soekris 4801
> COMMENTS : I booted OpenBSD on the card without any trouble.
>            At the first go I could only write with about 28KB/s (with dd)
>            allthough the FreeBSD 4.8p3 driver advertises a write speed
>            at 600K. That problem most likely relates to me.
> I think it would be a great help to have a hw-comp-list even though
> it's based on users experiences rather than some certified testing
> program.

Seems like a good idea.  I haven't found any that work yet ;-)

Søren says that SanDisk work, and so do you.  I got the Kingston CF
to get past the first boot loader round, but it failed to load the
kernel (FreeBSD RELENG_$_8), and that's with the changes as suggested
on the SE page.

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