[Soekris] 4801 and OpenBSD 3.3 - memory issue

michiel de bruijn mdb at x42.net
Mon Aug 11 19:57:39 UTC 2003

Peter Curran wrote:

> Anybody else noticed this?  I have a done something dumb, or is there
> either, a) a problem with OpenBSD; b) a problem with the 4801; or c)
> something I need in the kernel config to make it find the memory.

Yup, I noticed it as well, and it seems to be a problem with the OpenBSD
memory detection code and/or the 4801 BIOS. I've only just started to look
into this, but I'm hoping to come up with patched boot code in the next week
or so.

In the meantime, you can use the 'machine mem +0x4000000 at 0x4100000' boot
command (which can be persisted to /etc/boot.conf) to make OpenBSD recognize
the additional RAM. Note that I don't absolutely guarantee these values are
correct -- if you get strange crashes under high memory load, you may need
to tweak the size and/or address parameter by about 0x100000...


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