[Soekris] 4801 and OpenBSD 3.3 - memory issue

Peter Curran pcurran at ticl.co.uk
Mon Aug 11 12:14:29 UTC 2003

Hi Guys

Finally got my paws on my first 4801 (looks good so far- Thanks Soren).

As advertised, I just bunged OpenBSD 3.3 onto a CF using the flashdist
script from Chris Cappucio (thanks again Chris - works every time :-).

As expected, everything boots and works just fine, but I have noticed one
oddball thing so far.  The 4801 BIOS reports 128MB of memory, but the dmesg
from OpenBSD 3.3 claims a little under 64MB.  I am using a stock GENERIC
kernel, straight off the CD.

Anybody else noticed this?  I have a done something dumb, or is there
either, a) a problem with OpenBSD; b) a problem with the 4801; or c)
something I need in the kernel config to make it find the memory.

All help and advise gratefully received as usual.



PS.  The Soekris-supplied PSU I bought with the 4801 works just fine here in
France, for anybody that is still looking for a PSU solution.

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