[Soekris] installing MikroTik on Soekris howto

soekris@mikemee.com soekris at mikemee.com
Sun Aug 10 03:25:38 UTC 2003

Since it took me a little pain and because I found other helpful
MikroTik/Soekris info on this list, I thought I'd "share the joy" I had
configuring MikroTik on Soekris in the hope it would help others.

I've put the full step by step at:
http://www.sdwug.org/proj/ConfigMikroTik, but the very short version is:
+ use PXE with MikroTik's netinstall program (rather than writing to CF)
+ disable your PC firewall before you start to avoid timing problems
while it waits for you to hit 'allow'
+ allow time for tech support in Latvia's time zone (e.g., to get a new
key if you mess up)

The biggest gotcha is: "For some reason, the soekris won't show you
anything until the terminal emulation in Linux starts up, and that
INCLUDES the licensing screen....." and without either a succesful PXE
boot (or using a CF-IDE and booting from a regular PC) you *need* that
licensing screen!

Its early days yet to judge the results of MikroTik itself, but so far so
good. Lots of functionality and I suspect more bang for the time spent
unless you're already a Linx/BDS network wizard.

cheers, michael

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