[Soekris] Re: nvram for storing configuration

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Fri Aug 8 20:36:48 UTC 2003

Quoting Alexandre Dulaunoy (adulau at foo.be):
> On 06/Aug/03 12:08 -0700, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> > Quoting Alexandre Dulaunoy (adulau at foo.be):
> This could be a solution. For example, a partition with JFFS2.
Well, it doesn't really matter. FFS classic is just fine.  Keep
it RO except when you want to change it.

> > An NVRAM is just a flash with pins (unless you do an EEPROM type
> > setup that's a different game).
> Yes, but having a different storage space for the configuration can be
> handy for  the upgrade and various  things (like the  unlocking of the
> flash).   For  example,  we   can  insert  bootup  parameters  in  the
> nvram. Like the vast majority of router devices (e.g. Cisco). 
Again, envision the Cisco with a CF in it.  Same thing, but they
are a bit less flexible.

Sure, they have 2 devices - one for IOS, one for config info.

> Using  the  GPIO interface  in  order  to make  an  nvram,  is not  so
> difficult. But do you think that soekris will plan to add this type of
> functionnality in the board itself ? 

Or you could keep info on an iButton device.  Write it elsewhere,
and pop it in when you need it.  It's a simple serial interface.
You could use com2 or write some GPIO stuff for it.

I look forward to seeing the code :)  (really, I'm too lazy to write serial
via GPIO myself).

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