[Soekris] Maximum throughput on Soekris 4521

Daniel Prather daniel at citynetwireless.net
Mon Aug 4 21:12:32 UTC 2003

Okay, that's what I'm looking for.  I'm also running Linux 2.4.21 on it
... and right now, we're not using any filtering whatsoever.  That gives
me a good idea of what to expect.  Thanks very much!

On Mon, 2003-08-04 at 16:02, Joshua Jackson wrote:
> On Monday 04 August 2003 12:27 pm, Daniel Prather wrote:
> > This is just a quick question ... Has anyone done any testing to see
> > what the maximum possible throughput is on network devices on the 4521?
> > I haven't tested it in any way but would assume an overall average of
> > about 40-50 mbps?  Anyway, if anybody knows, please let me know. :)
> > Thanks!
> That would also depend on the OS and complexity of any filters you may have in 
> place.
> I have a 4501 that I just put through its paces in production last night... 
> Using Linux 2.4.21 and a pretty hefty set of iptables filter rulesets 
> (roughly 25 chains with upwards of 250 individual filtering rules) I was able 
> to achieve darn near full wire-speed (100Mbps) for a sustained period of 
> time. The "test" was the nightly backup cycle for my network which moves 
> roughly 35Gb of data as fast as it can to an Amanda tape server. Roughly 1/2 
> of this data is moved through the firewall... which did so at the same rate 
> that my old firewall (a Celeron 366) was able to.
> The system was still forwarding packets at a decent rate for other requests as 
> there was little notable latency added to in and outbound requests during the 
> backup cycle (I also host several websites and co-located servers). However, 
> the system uptime reported approximately 1.50 and was sluggish for 
> interactive use.
> Overall, I was quite pleased. I would expect similiar results from the 4521 as 
> it is roughly the same class system.
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