[Soekris] Soekris boot - hangsup on /sbin/init - using lfs with glibc 2.3.2

J.P. Mathew jpm at dps-india.com
Mon Aug 4 15:18:34 UTC 2003

I got a Soekris 4521 last week and prepared an "lfs" system.
I tested the Soekris with Mr. Mike Machado's 
(www.innercite.com/~mike/soekris) lfs system, and was happy that the 
Soekris booted up OK. But my own lfs system fails to load.
Here is the description of the problem, and I will appreciate help in 
solving the problem, or guiding me how to debug it further.

Problem: Compiled a full lfs system with current sources including glibc 
2.3.2, kernel 2.4.20 and gcc 3.2.3 using Ryan Oliver's notes on "pure 
lfs" on the net.  I have used Mike Machado's  .config (since Mike's 
system booted OK on the Soekris) and the new system loads perfectly on 
my PC. But when I load it on the Soekris (using PXE boot), it hangsup on 
loading /sbin/init. Initial boot messages are perfectly OK.

I used my kernel and Mike's  root file system (which uses libc-2.2.5-7 
)- and that loads OK.
I compiled "init"  static using my old glibc on the PC (from a RedHat 
8.0 installation) and just replaced that component alone, and the init 
proceeds until the next executable that needs the shared library 
(agetty) and it hangs there.

Problem seems to be with ld-2.3.2.so , but I am unable to debug it - not 
knowing how to proceed. I have not seen any description of this problem 
associated with ld-2.3.2.so and AMD Elan processor. Since this works OK 
on Intel Pentium, I felt there could be some bug that shows up on 
Elan/Soekris (I have 4521). I took a register dump just before 
start_thread function call (both with Mike's file system and mine) and 
it looks OK.

Appreciate it if anyone could throw some light on this. My current lfs 
seems to be perfectly working on a PC, and I would like to fix the bug 
with some help from the experts on this list, rather than go back to old 
glibc, gcc version.
Thanks a lot.

Joseph Mathew
jpm at dps-india.com
P.S. I am in Calcutta, India - hoping to create a new bunch of 
enthusiasts here.

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