[Soekris] Multi-Channel DC Power Suggestion ?

Ben Polson bsp at bandwave.net
Mon Aug 4 04:11:29 UTC 2003

www.digikey.com is an excellent resource for power supplies, converters,


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> I don't really know what a DC "Channel" is, and I suspect
> there's a reason.
> A glance at a Jameco Catalog (got a new on this week) shows a
> festival of "desktop" power supplies.  (like 4x6x2 inches) A 4A PS
> that puts out 24VDC will give you enough power for 8 Soekrises.
> (soekris is norse-ish, not latin).
> With screw type terminals, you just make some cables with
> the soekris connector on one end and perhaps soldered ends
> or those crimp on rings for the power supply screw downs.
> One wonders about why you'd want 4 in a single case - it seems
> contractory to the boxes intent and best use, but that's just me.
> Quoting Jayson Anderson (sonick at sonick.com):
> > I just received and installed pebble linux on my first soekris 4501 last
> > week, and after discovering it meets and exceeds the needs of a project
> > I'm working on, I was wondering if someone here could make an educated
> > suggestion for me:
> >
> > I'm going to install 4 Soekri 4501 in a single case for the project, but
> > am not enthused about the prospects of 4 wall wart transformers
> > protruding from the case.  I am wondering if someone from the esteemed
> > list here could suggest a reasonably sized/priced self-contained
> > 4-channel 12-20VDC output power supply that I could mount or made to be
> > mounted on the side of the case wall, giving me a clean single cord
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