[Soekris] Multi-Channel DC Power Suggestion ?

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Mon Aug 4 04:08:06 UTC 2003

I don't really know what a DC "Channel" is, and I suspect
there's a reason.

A glance at a Jameco Catalog (got a new on this week) shows a
festival of "desktop" power supplies.  (like 4x6x2 inches) A 4A PS
that puts out 24VDC will give you enough power for 8 Soekrises.
(soekris is norse-ish, not latin).

With screw type terminals, you just make some cables with
the soekris connector on one end and perhaps soldered ends
or those crimp on rings for the power supply screw downs.

One wonders about why you'd want 4 in a single case - it seems
contractory to the boxes intent and best use, but that's just me.

Quoting Jayson Anderson (sonick at sonick.com):
> I just received and installed pebble linux on my first soekris 4501 last
> week, and after discovering it meets and exceeds the needs of a project
> I'm working on, I was wondering if someone here could make an educated
> suggestion for me:
> I'm going to install 4 Soekri 4501 in a single case for the project, but
> am not enthused about the prospects of 4 wall wart transformers
> protruding from the case.  I am wondering if someone from the esteemed
> list here could suggest a reasonably sized/priced self-contained
> 4-channel 12-20VDC output power supply that I could mount or made to be
> mounted on the side of the case wall, giving me a clean single cord

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