[Soekris] Multi-Channel DC Power Suggestion ?

Jayson Anderson sonick at sonick.com
Sun Aug 3 15:16:17 UTC 2003

Greetings from a satisfied new Soekris user,

I just received and installed pebble linux on my first soekris 4501 last
week, and after discovering it meets and exceeds the needs of a project
I'm working on, I was wondering if someone here could make an educated
suggestion for me:

I'm going to install 4 Soekri 4501 in a single case for the project, but
am not enthused about the prospects of 4 wall wart transformers
protruding from the case.  I am wondering if someone from the esteemed
list here could suggest a reasonably sized/priced self-contained
4-channel 12-20VDC output power supply that I could mount or made to be
mounted on the side of the case wall, giving me a clean single cord
outside and distribution inside the case. I'd love to see something with
a single AC tether from the case, with all power distro/conversion
inside, in a single multi-output supply. Further, I am almost completely
electrical-engineering-deficient, so if it would be a better design to
consider the 5V surface power as opposed to the 12-20VDC edge connectors
for the multi-board, bundled-power-supply configuration, I would welcome
any input or suggestions. I came really close to mounting a couple power
strips and putting 4 wall warts IN the case, but it took up half of my
usable space :D

Won't be using anything but the base (x4) 4501' with 2-3 ethernet
connections per, and an ro compact flash on each; no heavy use of
peripherals or some such (MAYBE one Cisco 350 card on one of them, but
that'd be it). Would prefer something robust that wouldn't falter if all
4 power on at once, and that has good shielding/longevity etc. Utopian

Thanks for your time, I welcome any input; including smacking me with a
clue-by-four if I'm asking something obvious/frivolous etc. 


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