[Soekris] booting from Sandisk 128 mb CF

Daniel Loomis dloomis at cox-internet.com
Fri Aug 1 17:30:56 UTC 2003

I know this is more of a software problem, but . . .

I am trying to boot pebble linux on a 4521 with 128mb Sandisk CF using
Lilo v22.2.

I have tried every configuration option that one can use in Lilo, but
the 4521 cannot find a bootable device.

The comBios indicates:

Pri Mas   SanDisk SDCFB-128		LBA 980-8-32


My /etc/lilo.conf is as follows:

boot = /dev/hda
disk = /dev/hda
map = /boot/map
install = /boot/boot.b
#  bios = 0x80		<-- Lilo complains when I uncomment this
                                                                                                 delay = 1
image = /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.20-pebble
root = /dev/hda1
label = pebble

I can get the board to boot using:

> boot 80

at the monitor prompt. But when it boots I get the following:

LILLOO  2222..22  LLooaaddiinngg  ppeebbbbllee........................

When run, Lilo reports the following:
pebble:/etc# lilo -v -C /etc/lilo.conf
LILO version 22.2, Copyright (C) 1992-1998 Werner Almesberger
Development beyond version 21 Copyright (C) 1999-2001 John Coffman
Released 05-Feb-2002 and compiled at 20:57:26 on Apr 13 2002.
                                                                                                   Reading boot sector from /dev/hda
Merging with /boot/boot.b
Setting DELAY to 20 (2 seconds)
Boot image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.20-pebble
Added pebble *
/boot/boot.0300 exists - no backup copy made.
Writing boot sector.

Evidently I have a geometry problem as indicated by the LI at bootup,
but I do not know how to correct it on the 4521. 

I have tried running lilo:
with lba32
with linear
without either one

When I created the partition of the CF using fdisk it reported 

CHS = 1011/4/62

Lilo should handle an lba32 drive ok.

comBios does not appear to offer any way of configuring disk drive
parameters like large/lba/normal.

Unless I have a defective CF, I cannot think of anything else to try.


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