[Soekris] Radio receivers for time synchronization?

Joel Jaeggli joelja at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Tue Apr 22 19:40:57 UTC 2003

a couple vendors make ntp servers that leech off cdma networks instead of 
gps, which may be more usable depending on their location... if you don't 
really care what time it is in the outside world, you can just syncronize 
them to each other using ntp... I actually see my 4521 drift by rather a 
lot upwards of 1 second per minute running a linux 2.4 kernel, although I 
don't know if I'm an isolated case or not.


On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, David Kelly wrote:

> This is Soekris related because I need to keep a few net4501's time 
> sync'ed a bit more accurately than they normally operate. Lets say 
> within 10 seconds.
> Connections to outside networks and telephone lines prohibited.
> GPS is the likely solution. Not sure if the remote site will have a 
> suitable location for the GPS.
> A WWV receiver is another possibility. But I've not had much luck in 
> finding something in my ~$200 price range.
> Hmm. I have a $20 "Atomic Time" LCD clock on my wall. Maybe I need a 
> USB camera pointed at it and use OCR to set the system clock.  :-)
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