[Soekris] Radio receivers for time synchronization?

Casey Halverson casey.halverson at infospace.com
Tue Apr 22 19:25:35 UTC 2003

If you just require time accuracy within 10 seconds, i would look into using an internet time source.  There are plenty of public stratum 1 time sources on the internet.  You could then use the soekris as an NTP server.

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This is Soekris related because I need to keep a few net4501's time 
sync'ed a bit more accurately than they normally operate. Lets say 
within 10 seconds.

Connections to outside networks and telephone lines prohibited.

GPS is the likely solution. Not sure if the remote site will have a 
suitable location for the GPS.

A WWV receiver is another possibility. But I've not had much luck in 
finding something in my ~$200 price range.

Hmm. I have a $20 "Atomic Time" LCD clock on my wall. Maybe I need a 
USB camera pointed at it and use OCR to set the system clock.  :-)

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