[Soekris] Mounting rp-tnc on 4521 case

wglozer@yahoo.com wglozer at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 19 22:25:23 UTC 2003

Hi Paul, it seems like you have one of the older net4521 cases that had the
N-connector cutout rather than RP-TNC.  I remember seeing something about that
on the Soekris site but can't place it at the moment.  My case has the smaller
hole and two small screw holes on a diagonal.  Just received my set of RP-TNC
bulkhead connectors and rubber duck antennas from NetGate today (thanks Jim
and Jamie!) and they are a perfect fit, just need some screws...


"Paul Chambers" <soekris-tech at lists.bod.org> writes:

> Does anyone have a tip or two on how to mount a panel-mount RP-TNC
> socket securely to the 4521 case?
> The pigtails I purchased from Netgate have a RP-TNC connector with two
> 'ears' with threaded holes, whereas I was expecting something like this
> style:
> http://www.fab-corp.com/RTNCF195BULKC.jpg
> So I'm not sure of the correct/best way to mount these to the 4521 case.
> Looks like I'm going to have to small drill holes either side of the
> existing hole for the small screws to through into those threaded holes.
> When I ordered the kit from Netgate, the product description
> specifically mentioned the 4521, so I'm a little surprised that
> metalwork is involved.
> The holes in the 4521 case are for the (much larger) bulkhead female N
> connectors, so there's also a gap around the body of these RP-TNC jacks.
> Anyone have some tips they'd like to pass along?
> Paul

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