[Soekris] net4501 long ethernet cable problem

Rahul Kalaskar rkalaskar at aethon.com
Fri Apr 18 12:39:03 UTC 2003

Linux kernel 2.4.20 does not have this option. But, kernel 2.4.18 does
have. I have not looked at the code of natsemi yet. I would like to use
the older driver in the later kernel. I am hoping to prepare a patch for
that. Am I on the right track?

Thanks for your help!

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 17:43, Christian van den Bosch wrote:
> The fix for the short cable problem can cause a long cable problem.
> Try recompiling your kernel without the fix (it's an option for the 
> natsemi driver).
> If you want to use one long and one short cable I think you're screwed 
> (but not every chip has the short cable problem).
> cjb
> On 17 Apr 2003, Rahul Kalaskar wrote:
> > I am trying to interconnect two net4501 using a cross-over ethernet
> > cable. The connection works fine for cables of length 150 feet or less.
> > For cable lengths greater than 150 feet, the connectivity is lost. I
> > read about similar issue with respect to short cables. Does  it occur in
> > case of long cables too?.  I am using Linux kernel 2.4.20. The ethernet
> > driver is natsemi
> cjb
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