[Soekris] Re: Anybody else having problems with DemarcTech

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Thu Apr 17 16:58:28 UTC 2003

Quoting Vladimir Ivaschenko (hazard at francoudi.com):
> Note that we had bad experience with the quality of the cards. Around 
> one out of three failed. Originally we thought that the reason might 
> be absence of lightning arrestor but they kept failing after we 
> installed them on all sites. The symptoms are jumping TX signal 
> levels, it can easily be seen on a spectrum analyzer.

As on the embsd project, where the lead coder's wife had a baby,
it may just be that Tony is dealing with travel or something rather
than ill intent on his part.  (I had a client who was grumpy he
couldn't reach me when I was traveling to a client and stuck off
line for 2-3 days.  His expectations have been adjusted.)

I'll presume best intentions.

If I need 24x7 response and a large organization, I'd be going to
a large, slow, ignorant business.  I use the smaller, more knowledgable
businesses and have gotten great treatment, if slower response
sometimes.  That folks like Netgate and tony's co know what a soekris
IS is nice.  When I called Dell as one of few suppliers of miniPCI
wireless cards, I couldn't get through anything until I know a dell
model that HAD miniPCI - they couldn't grok that I wanted the card
and would never own a Dell Laptop.

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