[Soekris] Re: Anybody else having problems with DemarcTech

Vladimir Ivaschenko hazard at francoudi.com
Thu Apr 17 09:45:25 UTC 2003

Note that we had bad experience with the quality of the cards. Around 
one out of three failed. Originally we thought that the reason might 
be absence of lightning arrestor but they kept failing after we 
installed them on all sites. The symptoms are jumping TX signal 
levels, it can easily be seen on a spectrum analyzer.

And we experienced "disappearing Tony" problem as well.

Anthony Wright wrote:
> Just to set the record straight, Tony got in contact the day after I my 
> original posted my message and the goods have arrived today, so I'm a 
> happy customer again.
> Tony Wright.
>  > I hate to ask a question like this in a public forum, but I was 
> wondering
>  > if anybody else is having problems with orders from DemarcTech.
>  >
>  > I placed a $5000 order about six weeks ago, received part of the 
> shipment
>  > very quickly, but the remainder of the shipment about $2200 was delayed
>  > while equipment was delivered to them. The last time I spoke to Tony
>  > Morella there was about 2 weeks ago and the delivery was supposed to go
> out
>  > in the next day or two. Up to that point the service was greate, but 
> since
>  > then I've heard nothing, no notification of shipping, no response to my
>  > emails and I always get the answer machine when I phone.
>  >
>  > I'm beginning to get concerned and wondered if anybody else is having
>  > problems, has anybody got a delivery from them in the last week or is it
>  > just me who's having the problems ?
>  >
>  > Thanks,
>  >
>  > Tony Wright.
>  >
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Best Regards,
Vladimir Ivaschenko
Thunderworx - Senior Systems Engineer (RHCE)

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