[Soekris] First time soekris board user can't get a 4521 working - help

Joel Jaeggli joelja at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Sun Apr 13 16:58:43 UTC 2003

the serial bios is at 19.2k 8n1 on these beasties... In environment ( 
booting off cf cards that have the grub bootloader isntalled plus a 
linux distro we have the kernel bootloader set the serial port speed to 
9600 8n1 so that it works with all our terminal server setups...


On Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Al Dykes wrote:

> I can't get the 4521 to show any response  on the
> serial port.    First, I can't find a manual
> for this puppy. Browsing the support archives shows others
> have asked the same question, with no response. Is there one ?
> I've never worked with any other soekris products so you
> can't assume anything about experience with earlier products.
> I'm going by the 4501 manual.
> I've got a xover cable and  tried 19200 and 38400 with no joy.
> The LEDs go from red and green to green on powerup. I guess that's
> OK.
> A browse of the tech archives shows a known port problem.
> What's the symptom for this ? Garbage on a tty screen set to
> 19k/38k or nothing ? I get nothing.
> I downloaded the term28 hack.   It doesn't work any better.
> The PC I've got handy right now is a WP/pro system. Does
> term28.com work on XP ? w2k ?  Is it wahrwired to COM1. A readme
> note would help. I know this PC can talk to a modem with
> kermit and a straight cable.
> Any suggestions (and a manual ? )
> Thanks.
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