[Soekris] Mini-PCI wireless cards

Martin Jessa soekris at yazzy.org
Thu Apr 10 23:04:14 UTC 2003

Hi guys.

I am looking for some mini-pci wireless cards with plug for external antennas.
Is there anything working well on BSD on the marked?
I would like it to be able to make the soekris boards work as AP's.
I am not sure what mode would be required to create an AP with soekris boxes, that could make it possible to have roaming users, and whether I could use ad-hoc mode for that with Lucent cards or not.
I need the other two cards on my net4521's to be able to create bridge and talk to other AP's as well.

LAN-->Server <-> soekris AP <-> soekris AP <-> soekris AP
	           |		       		 |		
	           |     		         |
	    roaming client 1	           roaming client 2

Am I understanding this concept correctly? In that case I would propably need cards with Prism 2.5 chipsets, right?

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