[Soekris] interfaces gone on net4521

Michael DeMan michael at staff.openaccess.org
Fri Apr 4 20:31:41 UTC 2003

We have lost our PCMCIA interfaces the same way with 48v power over

Never lost the 100Mbit ethernet though.

On 4/4/03 12:19 PM, "Tobias Roth" <roth at iam.unibe.ch> wrote:

> The power supply is 12V / 1000mA. Now that you mention it, the first
> time the interfaces went dead was after I shut the unit down to insert
> the pcmcia card. There is also a mini-pci vpn1211 installed, and the
> serial cable is connected, which might draw additional power.
> So is my power supply too weak?
> I DID have all the devices installed and working at the same time,
> so it surprises me a bit that things work in one moment, and then
> break in the next.
> thanks, t.
> On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 02:31:49PM -0500, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
>> Power is the first place I look.
>> a 500mA, 12VDC power supply may provide marginal power.  I
>> use a 1.2A 16VDC (12VDC is fine) and never have a bump.
>> Quoting Tobias Roth (roth at iam.unibe.ch):
>>> Hi
>>> I have some serious problems with my new net4521. It happened twice
>>> so far. I had a working system, rebooted or powercycled, and then
>>> all network interfaces are gone. They are simply not probed during
>>> boot and ifconfig shows only the loopback device.
>>> This happens with both my custom created FreeBSD 5.0 and an
>>> unaltered monowall. Both systems worked without a problem, and
>>> the suddenly, no more interfaces there.
>>> pciconf -l -v shows only two entries (simplified output):
>>> hostb at pci0:0:0: (class=bridge, subclass=HOST-PCI)
>>> none0 at pci:0:18:0: (class network, subclass = ethernet)
>>> The inserted pcmcia card also does not get probed, and the problem
>>> happens no matter if I plug it in or not.
>>> Any idea were to look for the problem? Or did I just receive a faulty
>>> unit?
>>> greets, t.
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