[Soekris] Traffic Shapping question

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Wed Apr 2 22:49:16 UTC 2003

NetBSD uses altq.  OpenBSD has bundled it into pf.
FreeBSD can use altq, AFAIK.

Linux had something running early that was ugly that
I'd imaine is less scary to read code of now.

DOS doesn't have anything.

Read up on ALTQ at the KAME site.

Quoting Claus Guttesen (cguttesen at yahoo.dk):
> Hi.
> > I would like to limit the global bandwidth wan->lan,
> > lan->wan to 2048kbits/128kbits for all the computer
> > on the lan. 
> > Is it possible or can I only limit the bandwidth per
> > host ?
> No problem. But the tool will depende on OS you're
> planning to use. As a general rule FreeBSD uses
> dummynet, OpenBSD (I think) uses ALTQ.

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