[Soekris] NetBSD + flashcard layout strategy

Valtteri Vuorikoski vuori at puuhamaa.magenta.net
Fri Nov 29 20:48:47 UTC 2002

Jim Miller <jj1022 at jcmco.com> writes:

> 4) the ramdisk is huge - 12MB since it contains /bin and /sbin which are
>    apparently necessary to enter a meaningful single user mode.

You might want to try crunching them (look at crunchgen's man page and
how it's used for the floppy builds).

I can't directly help with the other stuff, I have been running NetBSD
on a couple of net4501 with just / that's mounted rw,noatime,nodevmtime
and haven't had problems so far.

You might try creating kvm.db for your kernel manually, placing that in
/var/db and removing kvm_mkdb from the startup scripts (see man kvm_mkdb).
kvm_nlist() should use this, no guarantees though.


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