[Soekris] NetBSD + flashcard layout strategy

Jim Miller jj1022 at jcmco.com
Fri Nov 29 14:14:25 UTC 2002


I am using NetBSD 1.6 with a 64MB flashcard on a 4501.

I have the unit booted and somewhat operational, however I am
struggling with how to best structure my filesystems with regard to
what goes on the memory disk on / versus what should go on regular
flashcard slices.

Some of the issues I am struggling with:

1) "no namelist" on netstat - I have no kernel image in the root
   ramdisk and cannot put one there since the kernel image contains
   the root filesystem 

2) /dev needs to be read-write no matter what? Lots of complaints
   during the boot process if it is not.  Tried to put a minimal /dev
   in the root memory disk image and then mount a new one over top of
   it later but that confuses many programs.  Seems the /dev I boot
   with has to stay there forever.

3) is it possible to pare down the memory disk to contain only / and
   /dev, and have everything else on flashcard filesystems that can be
   mounted r/o to prevent write-cycle damage to the card?  If so, when
   during boot would /usr/lib, /var, /usr/bin, etc have to become

4) the ramdisk is huge - 12MB since it contains /bin and /sbin which are
   apparently necessary to enter a meaningful single user mode.

Just wondering if there are any FAQs or archived resources/discussion
on flashcard layout strategy with NetBSD?  I've been able to find
precious little on this subject during my google searches.



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