[Soekris] Problem with Serialport under FreeBSD Soekris 4521

Remy Gunter remy at blitz.ch
Fri Nov 29 09:41:06 UTC 2002

I am trying to use the serial port to connect to a temperatur logging 
device to the 4521 running FreeBSD 4.6-STABLE. My problem is that I am 
unable to activate the serial port to provide RTS and DTR signal to 
activate the logging device. On other FreeBSD units (PCs) those ports 
are up by default. I have played arround with almost all config files in 
FreeBSD and tried ConLock in the BIOS, without success. What am I doing 
wrong? Any FreeBSD commands to force this, or is this a 4521 issue?


-- Rémy Gunter

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