[Soekris] Problem reading the serial port

Pablo Berra soekris at laufquen.com.ar
Fri Nov 29 02:35:18 UTC 2002

Hi (sorry about my English),

I want to implement a system using the DS1820 temperature sensors from
Dallas Semiconductors. This chip use the 1-Wire interface connected at
serial port (/dev/ttyS0).
I am using the Net4521 with Linux (2.4.19) and digitemp (V 1.6 for passive
adapter) for reading the temperature and it gave me the following error:

digitemp -s/dev/ttyS0 -i
Error initalizing OneWire device
Error Searching for ROMs

I turned off in initab and lilo config file the serial references... so the
/dev/ttyS0 is completly free..
also i tried to set the ConLock value (set conlock=disable) in the bios with
error (dont know if this could help...)!!
I try the same linux and digitemp version on another machine... and it works

Any clues?
Thanks in advance.


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