[Soekris] Weird Problem on eth0 with 4521

Jim TerWee jim at terwee.com
Wed Nov 27 04:01:53 UTC 2002

I ran into a weird problem with the 4521 board today as we setting up a
new tower. I was going to use two 4521 boards in a wireless installation
tied together though the eth0 port. The bandwidth between the boards
though the eth0 ports is terrible on one direction 2-3 kbs but will run
17mb the other direction tested both with a crossover cable, switch and
a hub. Not a big deal probably had a bad board being in a rush pulled
the flash disks popped in two new board's reinstalled flash disks same
problem as before. So now, we go back to the office set up two more 4521
boards' different flash disks different cable different switch etc. same
problem. Now I took two 4511's off the shelf used the same flash disks I
used in the 4521's and see 35mb plus both ways in the 4511. Going
further I tried one 4521 hooked to a 4511 works great. Tried several
windows boxes testing to the 4521 works great. The only time I have a
problem is when I hook two 4521's together though the eth0 ports. I
probably have 20 plus 4521's in the field with eth0 servicing the
network in the building and not seen a problem either.
Any Ideas??

Jim TerWee

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