[Soekris] RJ45 Serial Port?

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Wed Nov 27 02:17:08 UTC 2002

Quoting Michael Sierchio (kudzu at tenebras.com):
> The simple fact is that the RJ45 has too few pins, and no one agrees on
> which (of the ones present) are which.  Henry has convinced me that my
> mini-DIN suggestion isn't viable, but a second DB9 male connector would
> probably be best, real estate permitting.

> too few pins
Um, no.  Except for modem use (excessively rare for me these days),
I need 7 or 8 pins (I no longer have to make PIO's speak 232, so
after a decade the details are fading from my brain).  I've made
do with Consoles and serial ports on RJ-45 for 5-7 years just fine.
I leave it so a network cable can wire one device to console server
or a terminal, as I need it 99% of the time.  I have hardware handshaking
and I can run it in-wall for several hundred feet at 9600KB with no
problems mis-using the network cables going to my cube.

lack of standard *is* an issue, and its too late.  But then
I still know the "hayes standard AT commands" :)

I'd say that the Cisco/Sun pinouts have been prevalent and that's
just fine.  I don't really care, as long as something fairly common
and documented (inside the lid?) is used.  I have an Annex TS and
would just adapt.

Wanna connect a PC (with an adapter)?  Fine, expect that a straight
network cable would work (so wire it DTE).  Need the anomolous (say,
to a modem?), use a flipped cable if that works for Ciscos.  (no,
not an ethernet crossover, that's different).

Advantages?  Small, they lock, I don't want to solder a machine
I need.

Other options:  A 10 pin header that I can use to carry out to
db9, and rj45, whatever using a simple header.

And I understand that Soren doesn't want to hit the expense of new
board layouts for existing....

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