[Soekris] Second Serial Port as RJ45?

Soren Kristensen soren at soekris.com
Wed Nov 27 00:35:02 UTC 2002

Hi Everybody,

Chuck Yerkes wrote:
 > Sort of related...
 > Any thoughts on changing the second serial port header (or even
 > the first) to an RJ45?  Cheaper for you, easy for us who use
 > terminal servers and patch panels regularly.

Just so this don't go on for too long time, as I also don't see how 
everybody can agreed on a RJ-45 serial pinout:

I plan to keep having the accessible serial port as a DB-9 connector 
with the standard PC pinout. The net45xx series ARE small PC's, and 
using the DB9 will simplify my life and, I believe, a majority of the 
current customers.... I believe that it's still much easier to procure a 
cable for that, just about any computer store stock a "DB-9 to DB-9 
crossover cable".

But if I one day decide to make a terminal server version needing higher 
serial port density, I will use 8 pins RJ-45 connectors, probably with 
the cyclades pinout.



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