[Soekris] Second Serial Port as RJ45?

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Tue Nov 26 20:56:23 UTC 2002

In message <Pine.BSI.3.91.1021126144759.12777A-100000 at spsystems.net>, Henry Spe
ncer writes:
>> > Put dual DIN connectors on the box instead -- achieves the goal of reducing
>> > real estate, but according to a standard.
>The mini-DIN connectors have a couple of problems, alas.  For one thing,
>the usual ones have no mechanical locking, which is a serious defect in
>some operating environments.  For another, to do nonstandard cabling --
>which is far from rare in the serial world -- you pretty much have to use
>an adapter to convert them to some more tinker-friendly connector first. 
>RJ-45 would be a much better choice, if only people followed a single
>standard.  (Any single standard; even the EIA standard that everyone
>ignores would be better than each device being different.)

Well, I think a 9-pin Male D-sub, is a better choice than RJ-45
because it has all the handshake pins and people agree which
pins are which.

As for the console/recovery question:  I hate devices which react
to BREAK on serial lines, they are far to easy to trip over if there
are cable issues or if the HW in the other end is turned on/off.

I'd far prefer a solution where one has to jumper two of the pio
pins:  First of it forces you to open the lid, so users will not
be overly cute to your device, second: it's far more reliable.

Apart from that my personal wishlist looks like this:

	Add screw in cabinet to act as PCMCIA card retainer like
	  done for the flash card.

All models:
	Loose weird escape sequences in BIOS output.
	Add second serial port as DB9.
	Add more programmable LEDS.
	Add more PIO pins, even if just as solderpads.
	Solderpad for easier 33.3 MHz clock injection.

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