[Soekris] Second Serial Port as RJ45?

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Tue Nov 26 06:36:40 UTC 2002

Sort of related...

Any thoughts on changing the second serial port header (or even
the first) to an RJ45?  Cheaper for you, easy for us who use
terminal servers and patch panels regularly.

Quoting Soren Kristensen (soren at soekris.com):
> Julius P. Malkiewicz wrote:
> > Is it possible to use the second serial port as the console for BIOS?  It
> > makes com1 (the one exposed to the world) more useful to devices that don't
> > take kindly to messages being spat at them, with an external connector?
> > I guess I was thinking of a bios "SET" command?
> > 
> That's a good idea, let me look into implementing it in the next BIOS 
> revision. I just need to figure out a methode to get back to default, in 
> case there is only one serial ports available.... But will only be 
> usefull on the net4501, not the net4511 and net4521.
> Maybe it could be combined with a possibility of turning off the console 
> complete, assuming I can find a good way of getting back to default.

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