[Soekris] Booting FreeBSD from Kingston CF on net4501

Harald Neuffer neuf at lrs.eei.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Nov 15 14:28:02 UTC 2002


trying to boot Freebsd 4.7 from a 128MB CF card from Kingston. This card
is recognized by the net4501 (comBIOS 1.10) as a Toshiba THNCF128MMA.
After the "Press Ctrl-P for entering Monitor." message I got "Read
error" during the boot process.

I noticed that the MBR is only 32 Byte large when I use the standard
geometry (C 978, H 8, S 32). It will be the same error when I use C 248,
H 16, S 63, but then I have a 64 Byte MBR.

Via a PCMCIA-CF adapter I can use the CF with both geometries without
any trouble with my notebook.

Do I need change the bios setting at the net4501 (or is it possible at
all?), or should I buy a card from a different vendor?



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