[Soekris] "thewall" project is dead??? [really small CF images]

Sam Leffler sam at errno.com
Fri Nov 15 18:46:23 UTC 2002

> In message: <020601c28cca$16d2a060$52557f42 at errno.com>
>             "Sam Leffler" <sam at errno.com> writes:
> : However, the one question that I haven't resolved is whether or not it's
> : better to use crunchgen or just stick to shared libraries (this is for
> : freebsd).  Disk space isn't an issue.  I'm more concerned with memory
> : footprint.  I suspect there are many other things to be more concerned
> : than shared libraries vs. crunch'd binaries but haven't had time to
> : investigate (e.g. libc is known to be bloated).
> We've had very good luck with libc on our SBC based system.  We have
> shared libc for everything and a bunch of tiny binaries in /sbin,
> etc.  We've found that this makes upgrading a system much easier,
> especially when we want to add just one more binary.  You don't have
> to re-crunchgen the whole thing and can usually just copy the binary
> from your development system over w/o any special care.

Yes, this is one of several reasons why you want to use shared libraries.
But what do you see for runtime memory use of systems built with shared
libraries vs. those built with crunchgen?


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