[Soekris] "thewall" project is dead??? [really small CF images]

Sam Leffler sam at errno.com
Fri Nov 15 17:11:50 UTC 2002

> I guess my question is - with the cost of compact flash cards nowadays,
> bother with scrunching everything into a tiny space that 'the wall' and
> PicoBSD try to do?

As Markus already noted keeping the image to a mnimum lets you keep multiple
images on flash.  This is important when you depend on remote updates where
you load the new image onto flash before "committing to it".  There are lots
of other reasons for very stripped down images that aren't worth going into

However, the one question that I haven't resolved is whether or not it's
better to use crunchgen or just stick to shared libraries (this is for
freebsd).  Disk space isn't an issue.  I'm more concerned with memory
footprint.  I suspect there are many other things to be more concerned about
than shared libraries vs. crunch'd binaries but haven't had time to
investigate (e.g. libc is known to be bloated).


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