[Soekris] "thewall" project is dead???

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Fri Nov 15 06:10:26 UTC 2002

In message: <B9F9C7B2.295ED%michael at staff.openaccess.org>
            Michael DeMan <michael at staff.openaccess.org> writes:
: I guess my question is - with the cost of compact flash cards nowadays, why
: bother with scrunching everything into a tiny space that 'the wall' and
: PicoBSD try to do?

We do it because we want to put 30-50M of applications on the flash.

up until recently the 64MB parts were expensive enough that slimming
down was a great idea.  When we started 16MB was the target because it
was $100 each and the bigger ones were more.


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