[Soekris] 1.15 BIOS Update

Stephan Holtwisch sh at immutec.com
Fri Nov 8 20:57:02 UTC 2002

At 21:20 08.11.2002 +0100, Manuel Kasper wrote:
> > did anyone tried to update the 1.10 Bios by W2k Hyperterminal ?
> > Both XModem and Xmodem-1k failed here with "Maximum Errors
> > reached". The MD5sum of the Bios file here is 7c7793df....
> > I am wondering wether this is an Hyperterminal, Soekris or dumbness
> > issue :-)
>Did you try uploading it without flow control? I had the same problem until
>I disabled RTS/CTS flow control...

That did the trick !



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