[Soekris] PCMCIA Prism2 Cards

Arnaud Willem nocat at woof.lu
Fri May 31 07:19:22 UTC 2002


I've also been looking to build an AP system with that kind of hardware .. 
PersonalTelco has a good list of Prism2 cards here, with the different 
connectors etc.. http://www.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/Prism2Card

Hope this helps..

Arnaud Willem
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Quoting Brian Camp <sevenn at nezzwerk.net>:

I'm looking to use a net4521 as an outdoor access point but am having
> a
> very difficult time finding suitable pcmcia cards.  I need the cards
> be
> prism2 (or 2.5) based so that I could put it in access point mode and
> have an external connector to connect the omni.  I've purchased a
> Proxim
> Rangelan-DS and found that it has some proprietary connector(not
> rp-mmcx
> as many sites claim)  that noone sells a pigtail for, so such cards
> won't work in this application.  Any ideas?
> Thanks
> -Brian
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