[Soekris] Why I need a "better" Soekris

Thor Lancelot Simon tls at reefedge.com
Mon May 27 02:33:48 UTC 2002

On Sun, May 26, 2002 at 08:10:07PM +0200, Andreas Mixich wrote:
>  Hello All,
>  judging by some negative replies to my posts I am not only a little
> surprised in the tone, but also by the lack of understanding. Still, I
> am thankful, that, all in all, the responses have been mostly positive.
>  It seems to me, that the one or other of you have found a safe haven with
> the netXXX devices, do they serve a special purpose and, as it seems,

If you want some particular piece of hardware so badly, build it yourself.
If you can't, pay somebody else to.  You really need to stop whining for
hundreds of lines about how Soren didn't choose to design and build exactly
what you personally want; I'm sure if you felt like covering the cost of
a new design, you could, in fact, have him make one specifically for you.
Of course, you could probably find an engineer closer to home to do the
board layout and prototyping and arrange for manufacturing.  If as many
people want your box as you think, you ought to be willing to put your
money where your mouth is and take the risk of paying for the design and
production work.  If you aren't, you certainly should not expect Soren to!

There are, in fact, Geode and Transmeta-based small boxes available that
sound like more or less exactly what you want.  They cost more money than
the Soekris hardware, but, well, that's how it is.  If you want one so
badly, I think you should stop complaining about the Soekris hardware and
buy something that serves your needs instead, whether off-the-shelf or
custom-built.  Don't expect other people to subsidise the cost of your 
toys; it's not going to happen.

This is a list for discussing technical details of the Soekris hardware.
The amount of nontechnical gossip that's been pouring onto this list in
the past few weeks has certainly gotten on *my* nerves, as I suspect it
has for other folks, too; this thread of yours is among the worst of it,
as far as I'm concerned.  Please stop.


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