[Soekris] I need a "better" net4501

Soren Kristensen soren at soekris.com
Fri May 24 00:38:10 UTC 2002

Hi David,

David LeBlanc wrote:
> I would love to see a 4501 style board based on the MachZ chip
> (http://www.zfmicro.com/zfx86.html) and get _all_ the goodies!

Plus two MAJOR problems:

1) It do not support 256/512 Mbit chips, limiting the memory to 32 Mbyte
if using two x16 chips as I do now.

Btw, I just tested two 512 Mbit chips (128 Mbyte) on a net4501 board,
work just fine :-) But they're still very expensive chips.

2) ZF Micro seems to have serious money problems, and now National
Semiconductor (their foundry) don't want to produce the ZFx86
anymore.... (read the letter on the ZF Micro website)

> Summary of features

> I wonder if we couldn't get Soren to work on such a project if we could get
> people to subscribe to a minimum buy level like 100 units or more if
> needed... ?
> I actually talked to Soren about this chip at one point and he mentioned
> that it was pricy. OTOH, i'd be willing to pay ~$300 for such a board in one
> of his little cases. There are actually more things on that chip that I
> think would need to be brought out - like the ISA bus for one. I'd also
> swoggle the dual IDE into dual externally accessable PCMCIA type II slots.

Take a look at the National Semiconductor Geode SC series....

They're also comming out with a new low cost video less version, perfect
for a follow up to the net4501 :-)



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