[Soekris] PXELinux errors

Mike Machado mike at innercite.com
Thu Jun 27 16:45:14 UTC 2002

> But I now have Linux up and running on the Soekris board.  I have an IBM 1
> GB microdrive, and formatted it to my whims.  I presume I have to do
> mkfs.ext2 on all partitions except the swap partition where I do mkswap.

I usually do not create a swap, but yeah, just fdisk and mkfs /dev/hda
and /dev/hda1 to whatever filesystem you want. My kernel supports ext2,
ext3 and reiserfs. I am currently running reiserfs and it seems to be
happy, with the occasional { BUSY } error, but not as bad as I had on

> I'm also confused because I don't have debian_basefs.tar.gz that you
> reference on your site.  I do have the debian_rootfs.tar.gz which I
> downloaded from your site.

Typo on my part. They are the same thing. It should be

> Since I untarred the root fs in /nfsroot/debian, and edited the IP
> numbers, etc, don't I want to just copy it all to the microdrive?  After,
> I've edited fstab and mounted all the partitions?  And then do LILO?  In
> other words, make the microdrive more or less an image of /nfsroot/debian
> on the server?

Yeah, the howto is designed to get the thing booted from NFS, then you
simply re-untar the debian_rootfs in a directory mounted to /dev/hda1
and then edit the files within that directory for non NFS booting, such
as make sure etc/fstab now points to the local device for /.

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