[Soekris] Re: soekris-tech digest, Vol 1 #91 - 8 msgs

Manuel Kasper mk at neon1.net
Sun Jun 23 16:41:09 UTC 2002

Hi Paul,

> equipment know to have a bad ethernet oscillator. At 10Mbps everything

Hmm, it sounds like a plausible explanation, however Soren's fix to use
a cable longer than 7.5 metres worked for me. I'm using it with a 10m
cable now and according to netstat there has not been a single input or
output error in 3 days. All problems with auto-negotiation and erratic
traffic LED flashing are gone, too. Really looks like some kind of
timing problem, though, but more likely the net4501's problem (as Soren
says he can reproduce it on some of his switches).

> have found other equipment (including Cisco 7200 series routers) that 
> present the same issue when connected to the "defective" equipment I 
> speak of. In short, I suspect your 3com superstack 3. We have had one
> these corrupt stuff on our network recently. Check the driver stats
> rx errors on the soekris box. Good luck,

Suppose it was the switch... do you expect that replacing it would fix
the problem, or is it more likely to be a design fault and replacing it
for another one of the same type would not change anything?



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