[Soekris] net4501, tftp filename problem

dirkx@covalent.net dirkx at covalent.net
Wed Jun 19 23:47:49 UTC 2002

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Ted Lemon wrote:

> The PXE boot roms don't do string options correctly, so you have to send
> the filename in the 'file' field of the packet in order for it to work, or
> NUL-terminate the string.   I suspect this is Intel's bug, not Soekris, but
> what do I know?

I've seen that problem with non-soekris PXE cards (from ASA computers)
as well.

The config below, using ics-dhcps 'filename' - works perfectly for me.

Note however that the grub boad loader will fetch a *slash* prefixed
filename using tftp - something which the FreeBSD tftp deamon does
(rightly) reject. So either hack grub to remove the initial / (see the
openbsd comment in the code) or hack the freebsd tftp deamon to ignore
that /.

I found that for linux I -must- specify the host-name; as otherwise the
NFS rpc barfs with an obscure error.


server-name "foem";

host dubbeldrank {
  hardware ethernet  00:00:24:c0:3c:ac;
  fixed-address dubbeldrank.leiden.webweaving.org;
  option host-name "dubbeldrank.leiden.webweaving.org";

  # option root-path "/usr/local/OpenBSD";
  # filename "pxeoboot";

  # FreeBSD install onto CVF
  # option root-path "/cfinstaller"
  # filename "pxeboot";

  # FreeBSD runtime
  option root-path "";
  filename "pxeboot";

  # Linux
  # option root-path "/usr/local/lnux";
  # filename "pxegrub";
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