[Soekris] MiniPCI Wireless cards

John Morris john at butchwax.com
Wed Jun 12 19:06:53 UTC 2002

Sent you a couple of questions offline, see 'em?  Here're more.

Wow.  What brand hardware?  I've heard of the 200mW Prisms.  Is it
completely illegal to use these in the US?  How about in Hong Kong?  :)

Very cool, 802.11a miniPCI.  What kind of antenna connectors do those have?
Same U.FL?  Those go up to 6GHz, but I dunno about what the FCC prescribes
for antenna connector restrictions....  Do they all support dual diversity

How about the antennas?  Dishes?  Yagis?  Omnis?  Indoor?  Outdoor?  Do you
have antennas for 802.11a?

Has anyone come up with any good (and easily reproducible with readily
available parts!) outdoor weathertight cases for his Soekris?  For mounting
on a tower?  (Nice tip about POE recently!)

Oh, one more question, that same driver and control program that seems to
come with every Prism card, be it a LinkSys, or a D-Link, or a Zoom, or
whatever, is that the same Windows driver you have for these cards?  I think
I'll be looking for a MiniPCI card for my laptop while I'm at it.  Seems I
saw plans once for flat omni antennas that you could tape onto a flat
surface, such as the back of a notebook.  :)

That's enough for now.  Is this message off topic?  The first occurrance in
this email of the word 'Soekris' was just now.  Sorry!


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> John Morris writes:
> > Yeah, that's the connector.
> >
> > By 'eliminating the middle man,' I think you mean either make them
> > or hire somebody to make them (as embsd guys did, in quantity).  That
> > you either a man with lots of free time, or a man with lots of money!
> > Either way, I envy you.
> I think that if you'll check with Ken, you'll find that he bought the
> pigtails and Lucent NICs from me.   I've also got 100mW and 200mW
> Prism2.5 miniPCI and PC Card NICs, 802.11a miniPCI and CardBus NICs,
> and some ... interesting antennas.
> > BTW, before they had these ready, they quoted in the neighborhood of $35
> > the pigtail.  I don't know what it actually is now that they've got
them, or
> > whether they even sell them separately.
> I've never charged anyone more than $20.  :-)
> > I wish someone with lots of money would bring back just a shoebox full
> > MiniPCI Prism-{2,2.5}-based cards and some sort of useful pigtail for
> > from Taiwan.  Actually, I'm headed to Taiwan at the end of the month,
> > I'll do a bit of searching while I'm there.
> Its already done.  (The pigtails actually come from China.)
> Jim
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> "Perl is basically TECO-99."  ---Barry Shein

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