[Soekris] MiniPCI Wireless cards

Peter Curran pcurran at ticl.co.uk
Wed Jun 12 16:13:06 UTC 2002


thanks for the tips - enough to get me doing some research.

I have turned up some useful web sites:

These guys (http://www.badasskate.co.uk/wireless/kit.htm) do a pigtail with
an N-type connector on the end for 20 squids.

There also seems to be some low cost antennae here

I also found this site (a bit more expensive) that appears to have the
requisite components

In fact, I will try and order in some of these components during the next
few days and try a few things out.



> Hardware:
> The part is Order code 3910659 "CABLE ASSEMBLY U.FL 200MM" at GBP3.05 ex
> vat.
> Be warned - this is U.FL to 20cm of bare cable, so something will need to
> put on the other end - all connectors & cable should be 50 ohm impedance.
> I put a bulkhead BNC (eg: farnell 3241440), fitted that in the net4501
> and then put a socket on a cabled Buffalo omni antenna that I blagged -
> was just coz. it was what I could lay hands on.
> Warning - from here on is 2nd hand & guesswork - i am not much of an RF
> For testing in the same/neighbouring rooms, i guess you could get away
> 13cm of straight single core wire connected to the centre of the coax from
> the pigtail (in fact, you will probably get a couple of metres range from
> the bare socket with the case of the net4501.)
> A little omni dipole (rubber duck) would probably be fine for a house -
> a cheap one - get the matching connector from farnell (probably SMA or
> Reverse-TNC) and apply/blag some soldering skills. The coax on the pigtail
> is not too bad too work with - sharp knife and a steady hand with the
> soldering iron, then lots of hot glue on top to stop the joint getting
> stressed.

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